WWF Brings Nature Inside

WWF Brings Nature Inside

I don’t know about you, but sometimes we need some calming, background tracks in our home.

To put us all back in touch with nature, WWF South Africa has launched a restful playlist of the unique sounds and features of Africa’s natural heritage for enjoyment safely at home, while observing the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown.

The WWF playlist, titled ‘Bring Nature Inside’, captures the soundscapes of our beautiful natural world and features the sounds of projects and areas where WWF is actively working.

From the enchanting sounds of rhino translocations, to the soothing backdrop of a free-flowing river and the rhythmic sound of the Atlantic Ocean, each authentic track features immersive sounds with a description that brings together the beauty and significance of our natural resources, and showcases the work WWF is doing to help protect South Africa’s natural heritage.

With its 10-hour long mix of different calming and inspirational tracks, the WWF SA soundscapes can be enjoyed in any setting; whether you are working, exercising, cooking, gardening or simply taking a break from your home desk. 

For access to the WWF SA Soundscape Playlist please visit wwf.org.za or click on these links…

A River in the Soutpansberg
A Stormy Afternoon in the Highveld
A Fishing Boat Off The Coast of South Africa
A Moment in the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project
A Day at the Beach
The Bees and the Birds of the Orchard
A Morning with a Sugarbird
The Wind Farm
A Walk Through the Pastures
A National Park Picnic

The soundscapes will also be available on various streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Google Play and Amazon. A percentage of the streaming royalties will go to support WWF SA’s ongoing conservation work, at no cost to the platform user.

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