Suncatcher Christmas Baubles

Suncatcher Christmas Baubles

When we were planning our Christmas crafts, this was not one of them. But it popped up into my feed and I am a sucker for a cool science experiment so I had to try it out. These cute little suncatcher Christmas baubles are made from glue and food colouring! It was such a cool activity to do that incorporated both science and art.

We used lids from the containers soy sauce comes in when you order sushi, so they are the smaller ones. But when we do it again I am going to use bigger lids because I think the colours will come out better in a bigger space.

I bought some gel food colouring but they didn’t have red, so I just got blue and green and we used normal red food colouring. It didn’t work as well. The gel colours definitely held better, we added quite a bit of red and you couldn’t see it. So if you only have the normal food colouring, maybe just add one colour at a time.

You can make the prettiest of patterns when you add in the colours initially, it is almost a pity that they get lost as the glue dries. But it is really cool to watch the colours change shape.

Suncatcher Christmas Baubles


  • White craft glue (wood glue works too)
  • Food colouring
  • Clear lids, any size or shape
  • Toothpicks


  • Fill the lids up with glue. Don't be stingy, squeeze in lots.
  • Drop a few drops of each food colouring into each lid. Don't add too much.
  • Use the toothpicks to draw shapes in the food colouring.
  • Leave them to dry. It can take 2-4 days for it to dry completely depending on the size of your lid.
  • Peel the glue off the lid. Poke a hole through the top, tie some string through and hang up.

These are not your usual crafty decorations but Jack absolutely loved doing this and he loves seeing them on the tree. So it was worth it. We have made a lot of our tree decorations this year and I love looking at the tree with all the kid’s hard work hanging up.

When Christmas is over, stick them against a window or glass door and watch how pretty they are as the sun catches them.

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