Sensory Worm

Sensory Worm

I never knew how important it was to introduce children to different sensory experiences until my oldest daughter started having the worst temper tantrums. She had sensory integration challenges and we did not realise it and so she was struggling with everyday activities like getting dressed, going to the shops. This resulted in her becoming overwhelmed which triggered the tantrums.

It was eye-opening for me to learn about this and once we identified her triggers it became easier to manage and her tantrums pretty much stopped. Both my 3rd and 4th child had similar issues in varying degrees but because I was aware of it, we were able to better manage it.

So one of the things I try to focus on and incorporate a lot in our daily lives is sensory integration activities, like sensory trays and bottles. Emma and I attend a weekly art class through Canvas Club which we both really love. While there Emma found a sensory worm that had been made in another class, she didn’t want to let it go when we left. I promised her I would make her one because she is tactile and loves to touch and feel things.

I am all about crafts and activities that are low-cost and easy to do. You could make this sensory worm using things you have around the house, in fact, the more creative you get the better. The important thing is to give the child a sensory experience of some kind. You can even make more than one and add different items to each one.

We used cellophane we received on a gift but if you don’t have cellophane, do not go out and buy. Use plastic bags or anything else that will make a similar sound.

We have a lot of buttons so we used those for eyes but you can use felt cut into circles, or cardboard will also work.

Sensory Worms


  • 2 old sock’s – they don’t have to match
  • Paint or kokis
  • Rice
  • Cellophane/plastic bag
  • Buttons
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue


  • Take one sock and fill it with the rice and crunched up cellophane. Once you have the desired amount of rice and cellophane in, close the sock with an elastic band.
  • Take the other sock and decorate it, if it is plain. Paint it, draw something on it, go wild. Then stick your eyes onto the toe end of the sock. We first glued the buttons, then the googly eyes. (A hot glue gun works best for this)
  • Then place the tied-up end of your first sock inside the decorated sock. So, the elastic will be at toe end. Then close the decorated sock with a second elastic band.
  • It is that simple.

This is a really cool sensory toy for toddlers to play with. It provides Emma with a lot of comfort and when she gets overwhelmed she will naturally grab it and start playing with it.

Sensory Worm For Toddlers | HarassedMom

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