Paper Windmill

Paper Windmill

South Africa has two seasons, winter and summer. There might be a week or two of Spring and Autumn in between but it’s cold then it’s hot. And right now it is super hot! It is also a little windier this time of year as the seasons change. It is the perfect time to make a fun paper windmill or two.

I will admit that the use of the straw in this craft made me cringe a little bit and I did try playing around with kebab sticks and other items we had around the house. The straw is the only thing that allows the split pin to be pushed through easily. Don’t go out and buy a whole lot if you don’t have, just grab one or two from your local supermarket. If you do have paper straws the could also work actually and are slightly better for the environment.

The bigger you cut your square the bigger the windmill will be and vice versa so you can play around and make different sized ones. You can decorate your garden or with them. I recommend you use cardboard and not paper, the thicker paper will make it sturdier and last longer. It is also easier to actually construct it with the thicker paper.

Paper Windmill


  • Sheets of cardboard
  • Paint, crayons, colouring pens
  • Straw
  • Split pins


  • Cut the cardboard to perfect squares.
  • Decorate each sheet of cardboard.
  • Fold the square diagonally from one side to the other and then do the same to the other side. So you will have a cross on the square.
  • Cut in from each corner to about halfway up. Do not cut too high up.
  • Make a small hole in the centre of the square (where the two folds intersect). Make a small hole on the tip of alternating corners.
  • Fold the corners with a hole to the centre. Place the split pin through the holes and open at the back.
  • Make a hole through the straw and push the split pin through as well.

I will admit I had a lot of fun playing with these, probably more fun than the kids. Some of you may remember playing with these as a child? They were lots of fun back then.

Have you ever made these?

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