Paper Jack O’ Lanterns

Paper Jack O’ Lanterns

We don’t normally really celebrate Halloween. We have, over the years, gone to a few dress-up parties but we have never decorated or made too much effort. This year the older two kids asked if we could decorate, so we are. We are having so much fun with it. These paper Jack O’ Lanterns were my favorite so I am sharing them first.

Did you know that carving pumpkins was actually a tradition started in Ireland and initially they used other vegetables like turnips and potatoes? When the Irish arrived in America they discovered pumpkins and so began the pumpkin Jack ‘O Lantern tradition! (Isn’t it funny how so many things we associated with America, aren’t actually American.) The point of carving the vegetables was to be able to put candles inside them which scared evil spirits away and help to light the path to their homes. They did this just before the dark winter months as their harvests were coming to an end.

We did also carve some pumpkins, I will share them in a separate post. These cute little paper Jack ‘O Lanterns were used to decorate inside the house. We all had so much fun making the different faces. Emma searched Pinterest for ages for a scary face for her one.

This is a great invitation to play activity. You can cut out all the pieces and leave it for them to create pumpkins on their own. Or you can do it like we did and make it a fun family activity.

We didn’t have orange paint, so the kids mixed some red and yellow paint together to make the shade of orange that they wanted. If you haven’t picked it up yet, mixing colours together is one of our favourite things to do

Paper Jack O’ Lanterns


  • pumpkin template
  • white paper
  • orange paint
  • green paint
  • black cardboard
  • glue
  • scissors


  • Cut out a few pumpkins from your template. If you feel comfortable drawing them you can do that too.
  • Cut out some random shapes from black cardboard for the eyes, nose, and mouth. The shapes don't have to be uniform. Have some fun cutting out.
  • Paint the pumpkins. Once they are dry create your faces.
  • You can use these to make pumpkin bunting. Make a small hole in the stalk or top of the pumpkin and thread some string through and hang up.

I have a basic pumpkin template for you to download and use. You don’t need to worry about the lines for this craft, just trace it and cut out the basic shape.

For more Halloween crafts, check out Candice and Lexi’s cool spiderweb!

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