Kid-Made Christmas Cards

Kid-Made Christmas Cards

Do people still send out Christmas cards? Or is that old fashioned? I love receiving good old fashioned snail mail, particularly around the holidays.
We still send cards and since becoming a mother I have enjoyed making and sending out kid-made Christmas cards.

I realised that Lexi doesn’t know much about snail mail and how the postal system works. Making and sending Christmas cards is the perfect opportunity to spread some cheer and learn something new.

Kid-Made Christmas Cards

The beauty of making and sending kid-made Christmas cards, is that you can give your kids some craft supplies, make a few suggestions (depending on their age) and let them be creative.

I work with felt and Lexi often wants to create things out of felt. This was a great opportunity to use up scraps and give Lexi the creative freedom she has been craving.

Kid-Made Christmas Cards

Depending on your child’s age, you can let them get creative and make their own creations. OR you can let them copy Lexi’s cards.


  • Cardstock (we used pearlized, recycled paper)
  • Scissors (sharp enough to cut felt)
  • Sheets of felt in different shades of green and brown
  • White acrylic paint
  • Cotton buds
  • White glitter
  • Glue
  • White paper


  • Cut A4 sheets of cardstock in half and fold in half to make your cards.
  • Cut various sized triangles out of green felt (for the trees) and brown rectangles (for the tree stumps).
  • Glue your trees onto the cover of each card.
  • Dab on white paint with cotton buds to create snowflakes and sprinkle with white glitter.
  • Cut sheets of white paper to fit inside your card and glue along the fold.

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