Fun Ways to Use Egg Cartons

Fun Ways to Use Egg Cartons

April is Earth Month with Earth Day being celebrated on the 22 April world wide. Conscious parenting and sustainability are important to both Candice and I and we try where we can to do arts and crafts that are kind to the environment. An easy way to do this is to upcycle items we have around the house. If you are creative enough you can turn pretty much anything into a craft.

One of my favourite items to use is the simple egg carton. They really come in so handy.

Bring egg cartons to life. Cut up your egg cartons and turn them into fun little animals. From spiders to turtles you can literally turn them into any animal you want to. We have made bees and lady bugs and worms. This is a fun “invitation to play” activity. You can provide you children with the items they will need to make various animals and let them get creative.

To keep with the Earth Day theme you could make these cute little turtles.

Let them sort: If you have a toddler then this is such a quick and easy activity you can prep in a few minutes. It will keep the kids busy while you need to cook or reply to a few emails. You can do it in so may different ways. Place a different colour item into each little egg holder, place a few different coloured items on a tray and then get your child to sort them out by placing the matching colours together. You can use Lego bricks, buttons, broken up crayons – as long as the child can sort it into a group it doesn’t really matter what the item is.

Make a bird feeder: This works best with a 6 egg carton. Poke holes in the four corners, thread some string through and tie together to hang it up. Then pour some bird seed into the holder and voila – that simple. Seriously it is that simple.

Start a garden: Egg cartons are perfect for seeds. You can pop a seed into each little compartment, cover with sand and water. We do this often and then once the seeds start sprouting you can break off each segment and plant in your garden or a pot.

They make perfect paint pots: We do this every time we paint. I pour a little paint out into the egg cartons for the kids so they can use what they need and not dip dirty brushes into the whole paint pot.

Make a boat: We have done this a few times to match themes we are learning about it and it is so much fun. You can use any size egg carton and make any type of boat you want. Get the kids to look for some sticks to use as the masts, find scrap material for the sails and get creative.

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