Fun Nature Activities

Fun Nature Activities

What better way to celebrate Earth Month than by getting outdoors. Enjoying all the beauty that nature has to offer us has so many benefits for everyone. Not all learning has to happen indoors at a table. Getting the kids outside and doing some of these fun nature activities offers a change of scenery and also offers many opportunities for learning.

Simply sitting outside, having a picnic, can be an experience in itself.

Fun Nature Activities

Scavenger Hunt. This is such a fun activity that gets kids out the house exploring nature. Make a list of items in your garden and then get the kids to go search for them. You can list them by name (eg: rock, leaf) or you can list them by colour (eg: something brown, something blue).

Boredom Buster: Scavenger Hunt with Moms Artelier

Spot the birds. Throw a blanket down in your garden or a local park, gather the kids and do some bird spotting. If you don’t have a bird book, you should be able to take one out at the library or borrow from a friend. Get the kids to look up the different birds they see. Write down the different ones you spot and find out some interesting facts out about your favourites.

Name the trees. Head out for a walk around your neighbourhood or go for a hike and take note of the different trees you see. Take pictures of the leaves and see if you can figure out what type of tree they are.

Find different colours. This is a fun activity to keep the kids busy if you need to make a quick phone call or just need a hot cup of coffee. Get them to go outside and find as many different colour objects as they can find. If you are doing it with them, encourage them to look around and name as many colours as they can see.

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