Essential Craft Supplies For Kids

Essential Craft Supplies For Kids

I recently read a thread on Facebook about why parents don’t want to do crafts with their kids. It opened my eyes to a problem with the approach to crafting with children. So to get you started on a less-stress crafting journey I have put together a list of essential craft supplies for kids.

The Dilemma

The two most common reasons parents don’t want to do crafts with their children is a lack of patience and the mess.

I have received comments like, “It always ends up frustrating. They don’t want to do the craft, they want to stab the crayons with scissors or use the glue stick as lipstick. I spend more time keeping them from doing things they shouldn’t than doing the actual craft.”

And, “We end up fighting.. Especially if they don’t follow instructions given for the task and they do their own thing. I always end up doing the craft for them after 5min because they lose interest and concentration”

The problem is not the crafts or the children, it is the approach to crafting!

The Solution

I know this sounds crazy and goes against conventional thinking, but parents need to step back and STOP directing crafts.

Traditional crafts, like those that kids do at school, do nothing to encourage creativity. Sure, Pinterest is full of cute ideas but are those really the things your kids want to make? Do they want to follow your instructions?

I realised early on that if I let go of my expectations and gave my daughter freedom she could create amazing things, on her own.

I set up a small dedicated craft area (our home at the time was tiny!) and gave my daughter unlimited access to the craft cupboard. The only rule was that she was responsible for the clean up afterward. She could ask for help and would get it, but it was her responsibility.

Suddenly magical things started happening!

Essential Craft Supplies For Kids

To facilitate and inspire creativity you need to make sure your children have access to a few essential craft supplies. Nothing fancy, expensive, or difficult to find, just good old basics.

Essential Craft Supplies For Kids

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