Easter Challenge

Easter Challenge

How To Play

Playing along could not be easier! I promise. Just look at the list each day and take a photo using the prompt as inspiration. So, for example, Day 1 is EGG, so all you have to do is take a photo of something Easter egg-related.

You can then share your photo on either Facebook or Instagram or both! To share on Instagram, just upload with the hashtag #MAEASTER and tag us @MOMSARTELIER and you’re done {more details below if you need them though!} and to share on Facebook, upload to your personal page or jump into our Facebook group and share there.

How To Play On Instagram

Simply upload the photo to Instagram, add a caption {you could mention the day and the prompt in the caption}, add the hashtag #MAEASTER, tag @MOMSARTELIER and then publish.

Check out the #MAEASTER hashtag to see all the other photos. Like them. Comment on them. Be part of the community.

Each day we’ll pick a Fab Four from the photos shared on Instagram for the challenge. They will be four photos that have captured our attention from each prompt.

How To Share On Facebook

Upload the photo on our Facebook page, add a caption {you could mention the day and the prompt in the caption} and then publish. You’re also welcome to share on your personal page if you prefer. Just make sure to tag Mom’s Artelier!

Check out the photos shared on our page or among your friends. Comment, like and be part of the photo-taking community.

Just as with Instagram, we’ll pick our Fab Four from the photos shared on our Facebook page. The photos will be made into a collage, shared and pinned to the top of the page.

If You Need A Little Help…

If you need a little help with the prompts and some ideas on what to take photos of, here’s a little help:

  1. EGG (23 March) – Have you joined in our egg challenge? Download our egg template and take part. Cook an egg, or decorate Easter eggs.
  2. BASKET (24 March) – Is your basket half full or half empty this Easter? What’s in your Easter baskets?
  3. WOOL (25 March) – What can you do with wool? Do you just love Easter colours?
  4. COOKIE (26 March) – Bake them, decorate them, eat them and show us!
  5. CHOCOLATE (27 March) – What’s Easter without chocolate?! What are you doing with chocolate?

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