Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Are you the organised type who has already started Christmas shopping? Or are you the type that leaves everything to the last minute? Regardless, these christmas gift ideas for kids will help any shopper find the perfect gift for our little art and crafts lovers.

Laura and I have shared our top picks for art, crafts, cooking, and STEM. We believe strongly in giving gifts that are useful, educational, and environmentally friendly. With that in mind we have gone to great lengths to share items that we feel meet these criteria.

In most cases, we’ve tried out these products ourselves with our families. If our kids love them then we think they’ll make great Christmas gift for your kids!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Candice’s Top Picks

One of Lexi’s favourite lessons has been the four forces of flight. The Djeco Origami Paper Planes are the perfect tool for teaching kids about lift, weight, thrust, and drag. And folding each plane is a great additional fine motor activity.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids
R145 from takealot

In my experience, both parents and kids love watercolour paints! They’re easy to use and they make slightly less mess than other paints. This watercolour pad keeps all your child’s works of art together AND the paper doesn’t pill and disintegrate like regular paper does with watercolours.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids
R235.00 – R379.00 from Art Savings Club

Crayola Washable Paint has been a staple in our home for many years. After bringing back lots from Canada for Laura and us, I was very excited to find that they are now available in South Africa (from both takealot and Import A Toy). When they’re done, don’t throw away the paint pots! They are useful for trinkets and all sorts.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids
R185 from Import A Toy

Lastly, for little chefs one of the best kitchen skills kids can learn from a young age is peeling vegetables. Having their own, child-safe kitchen tools will make even the most reluctant of kids excited to help in the kitchen. The Opinel Le Petit kids peeler has an educational ring that helps to position the fingers correctly for safe and easy peeling.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids
R279 from YuppieChef

Laura’s Top Picks

I was a little hesitant to add this product but they recently opened up deliveries to South Africa (Jack has been checking it daily) and it really is very cool to get your kid into animation.

Available directly from Andymation

Nothing gets those creative juices flowing like giving your child a blank canvas and asking them to create something. We buy canvases as often as we buy paper and the kids love painting or stamping or drawing onto them. You can get them pretty much anywhere.

Emma loves maths. Her logic and reasoning is off the charts. She loves doing stuff like these puzzles and we are all about focusing on strengths. These kinds of activities are great for kids (and adults) of all ages. I am personally a huge fan of games like this because the kids learn without actually realising they are learning.

Painting is a big part of our weekly activities. We love these Tempera Blocks. They are super easy to clean, and last for ages. If you want to paint with your kids but don’t want the mess then these are so great. You can paint on pretty much anything with the paints – we have used them on paper, egg boxes, watercolor paper, cardboard. I have seen them stocked at CNA and Takealot has an extensive Dala range as well.

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