Find family recipes you can make with your kids right here.

We have put together a selection of healthy recipes and sweet treats for the whole family to enjoy.

We encourage you to make these recipes with your children. Yes it can get messy but that makes it fun.



The Best Fudge Ever!

I was lucky enough recently to spend the day with KOO cooking with some of their new products. Events like this are the best, we get to experience the products and have some...


Pumpkin Fritters

Last week I was popped in to Pick ‘n Pay and noticed they had proper Halloween pumpkins. They looked so awesome I knew we had to carve pumpkins this year. And so we did...


Hummingbird Cake

You know how at the end of the week there is always that one thing left that makes you scratch your head and wonder how you can use it? Well, last week we were left with a...