Find family recipes you can make with your kids right here.

We have put together a selection of healthy recipes and sweet treats for the whole family to enjoy.

We encourage you to make these recipes with your children. Yes it can get messy but that makes it fun.



Fluffy Pancakes

One of my standout memories as a child is looking forward to pancakes for breakfast on a Saturday morning. My dad would get maple extract and root beer extract from the States...


Shepherd’s Pie

When I was growing up we had a helper named Sylvia. She was a part of the family right up until we moved provinces when I was 18. Sylvia never used to cook for us, except on...


Red Velvet Cupcakes

We have been baking a lot at the moment. We are pretty much baking something every single day. We all love baking so it is nice to have the time now to bake every day. Emma...