Boredom Buster: Volcanoes

Boredom Buster: Volcanoes

This is one of those activities that we have done so many times but still love doing it. It is a messy activity but is so much fun because each time it does work slightly differently.

Each time we do it we try it in different size container or bottle, we add different colours and play around with how slow or fast we add the bicarb.

Each time we do it the kids have to either stick their hands in the water or pour it onto them to feel what it feels like. Emma loves to taste things, so she will put a spoon in and taste it. They can see the reaction happening and depending on how you do it, you can also hear the fizzing. So it really is an all round sensory experience.

Let your kids get their hands and feet dirty when you do this. It is part of the fun!

There are no specific measurements for this activity, play around with it!

All you need is water, bicarb and vinegar and food colouring if you want to make a colourful volcano.

Add a little vinegar to the water and then add in the vinegar and watch what happens! Play around with how fast/slow you add the bicarb and see what happens.

This little volcano came in a science set we received but you don’t need one to do this experience.

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If you try out this boredom buster, let us know. Share your finished pieces of work with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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