Boredom Buster: Bubble Wrap Art

Boredom Buster: Bubble Wrap Art

It is all well and good to get creative with your kids. Arts and crafts all look amazing but sometimes you just need to find something quickly to do with the kids. Often you don’t have time to get all the supplies you need together and print out pictures and find the steps.

There are times you just need something you can pull together to bust the boredom!

This series of posts is all about crafts at activities that are just that. They are quick and easy to set up and you probably have all the stuff in your house.

This is one of our favourite art projects to do. I love doing it and often do it with the kids. It is a great sensory art project and you can literally create anything you want to.

All you need is blank paper, bubble wrap and paints.

Every now and then some of our deliveries come wrapped in bubble wrap (which makes the zero waste me, cringe) and we always keep it to pull out on the days the kids insist they are bored.

  1. Cut the bubble wrap to the same size or smaller as your paper.
  2. Pour/squeeze your paint on to the bubble side. For these rainbows I squeezed a thin line in the shape of the rainbow.
  3. Flip the bubble wrap over onto the paper and let your child squish it by popping the bubbles.

We also used made a bee hive using bubble wrap. I drew the outline of the hive, cut the bubble wrap to match the shape and used yellow paint to “full” the hive in.

You can also cut little circles and get them to stamp the bees with the wrap as well.

You could draw the outline of a butterfly or a make planets. Or you can just stamp the bubble wrap onto paper and make a unique piece of art.

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If you try out this boredom buster, let us know. Share your finished pieces of work with us on Facebook or Instagram!


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