Benefits of Slime

Benefits of Slime

Slime is one of those trends that people love to hate or just downright hate. If I am honest I can’t stand playing with slime. My sensory issues blow up BUT my kids love it so we make it! There are actually some really good reasons why your child needs slime! No seriously, there are some benefits of slime.

Benefits of Slime

  • It’s a science lesson when you make it yourself. They see first hand the reaction between the glue and the activator.
  • Helps to develop and enhance memory function.
  • It strengthens fine motor skills when they pinch, pop, poke it.
  • It teaches them problem-solving skills, they have to decide if they should add more activator and if it gets too hard they have to figure it out.
  •  You can teach various sensory attributes, like sticky, hard, crunchy, wet.
  • It calms! This is why Emma loves it, when she gets overwhelmed she grabs a blob and stretches away.

I know it is messy and making it can get expensive, especially when you don’t get it right but it is worth it to try it just once! Your kids will love it.

On the note of making it, I have found the secret to making the perfect slime. Jack and I tried to make some Christmas slime, it failed completely. We followed two different recipes but both bombed totally!

Enter the secret to slime!

My mom in law found Slime Glue! They sell Slime Glue and Activator, all you need to do is add the activator and voila – slime! Seriously. We used an entire bottle of activator making different colors and adding different things in. Each one we made came out perfectly and the kids haven’t stopped playing with it.

So what’s the recipe?

There is actually no recipe! You have to play around with the amount and consistency you want.

All you need is;

  • Slime Glue
  • Activator

We added about a cup of glue and then slowly added the activator. You have to add the activator slowly, mixing each time you add it to see what it is going to do. Jack likes a stringy slime but Emma likes a firmer one, so we made different consistencies for each of them.

Do you let your kids play with slime?


  • Tracy Knickelbein
    03/18/2020 10:35 am

    Hi, were did you get the slime glue from ?

    Tracy x

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