Autumn Crafts: Leaf Man

Autumn Crafts: Leaf Man

Autumn is a lot like Tuesdays. You know its coming but when it arrives you don’t really notice because it is not good and it is not bad. It just is.

But when you stop and notice the changes, autumn is actually a beautiful season. It is the one season where you can really see the transformation. The green leaves slowly change color from green to yellow, to orange to red, and finally to brown. The days are crisp and clean with bright blue skies and bare trees. It is just a stunning time of year.

The world is completely upside down at the moment and it is a stressful time for everyone. We have been so focused on school wok and keeping to our routine we have forgotten to have fun. I decided to celebrate the changing season and we put the books aside and pulled out all the crafts and got creative.

Crafts don’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Sometimes they can be super simple and easy to set up. We had so much fun with this project and all you need are some leaves to create your very own leaf man.

I pulled an old box apart to make the backing for the activity because it was nice and firm. You can use cardboard if you have it but you do want something strong.

Then send the kids outside to collect as many different seize leaves as they can. Encourage them to find different coloured ones, different sizes, and different shapes.

Once they have their leaves let them build their leaf men. There are no rules. Let them create whatever they want. Use Pritt to stick the leaves down and if you have googly eyes, add them or alternatively you can draw them on.

The more leaves you collect you the more people you can make. Let the kids really play around with the leaves to create as many little leaf men as possible.

For a little more fun, get them to collect items from the garden they can use to decorate their leaf man with. Let them try to find seeds for the eyes or flowers for the hair. The possibilities are endless.

Please share all the fun things you have made with us on Instagram or Facebook. If you want to find more exciting autumn activities follow our Autumn board on Pinterest board.

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