All about Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season and one of the best seasons to show children what happens when the seasons change. Especially here in South Africa where we don’t really have 4 distinct seasons.

We recently spent a few weeks focused on autumn. We did some crafts, some experiments and read a few books about the new season. It is the first time we have spent so much time on a season and it was lots of fun.

I have compiled a list of crafts, experiments and books you can include into your autumn study unit.

Autumn Crafts

Chelsea and her girls made this stunning paint resist project. It does not only allow you to explore different leaf sizes and colors but also the different colors of the season.

Suncatchers are one of my favorite crafts to make. We make them often, just because they are so fun. Chanene and her kiddos made these stunning autumn sun catchers. Aren’t they just so gorgeous?

Is a craft even a craft if glitter is not involved? This craft from Puveshree is so simple but so very effective – and it involves glitter.

When you do crafts with your kids, it is always a good idea to add in items with different textures. This craft from Mira does just that!

These portraits from Kanya are so super cool and the colors of the leaves they used are amazing.

This is another great sensory craft from Marcia and her girls. This craft focuses on all the senses – touch, smell, sight, sound and even taste.

These are another two stunning crafts by Chelsea using autumn leaves.

Puveshree also had another fun (and easy) craft to share with us.

I also did some fun crafts with my kids.

We made a autumn sensory bag and a leaf man.

Autumn Recipes

Autumn is all about comfort food as it starts to get colder. These are some recipes to enjoy during the season or to make to bring the scents of autumn to your home.

Candice and Lexi made some yummy orange creamsicle ice-lollies. Ice lollies might not be commonly associated with the cooler weather in autumn but if you are in South Africa you will know that we do ahve some gorgeous sunny, warm days throughout autumn.

Orange Creamsicle Ice-Lolly

Chanene made this potpourri using the rich smells of autumn. There are so many amazing natural things used in this and I can only imagine the amazing smells flowing through their home.

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Autumn is really a beautiful season in Joburg. And when Moms Artelier invited us to take part in their #maautumnchallenge it was most welcomed because I’ve been so focused on school and being a little too stressed out and so I needed them to see I can be fun 🤗 Today the focus was on Orange and it became a bit of a sensory activity as we made Potpourri. Now, this is just the beginning of our craft as the girls will be looking for special natural treasures to add to the potpourri bowl. How to make the orange sliced potpourri: I cut the orange in thin slices and the girls removed the pips. We popped it into the oven for 2 hours but we did manage to burn a few slices. Set a timer to check on it every 20/30minutes I had it on 100 degrees C. You want the fruit to be dried (or nearly dried; it can continue to dry out on the counter). Go for a walk and find natural items that are Autumn related. (We will be adding to our bowl as the girls are more psyched only after the activity, they didn’t really get the whole Potpourri thing 🤣 the dandelions also didn’t last 🤣… yes a whole other story here) We added cinnamon sticks, star anise, some cloves and juniper berries for luck. 🤭 All I need is the wine now 🤣 When the fragrance needs a pick me up I will add a few essential oils. Look out for my other crafting mamas in the challenge. @minimatissediaries @miramothilal @kanya_middleton @momsartelier @learning_withlove @lifesatreat_sa_blog @mrsff2207 #craftswithkids #funactivitiesforkids #outandabout #autumndays #autumncrafts #sundayfunday #relaxingday #havingfun #findingthefun #findingthebalance #joburglife #samomblogger #potpourri #oranges #familytimeisthebesttime #familyadventures #lockdownlife #activitiesforkids #homelife

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Puveshree also explored the smells of autumn with this recipe and this is actually a really effective activity. We have done it with lemons and the smells are amazing.

Nothing screams autumn more than butternut soup, right? Candice recently made some and it looks soooo yummy.

Autumn Books

There are some really lovely books available on Autumn. We also found some fun ebooks on Twinkl that were all about the changes in the season.

Autumnblings: This a collection of poems all about autumn. They are simple, easy poems, perfect for kids. It does also have some stunning illustrations.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf. This is a lovely sensory book that talks about how seeds grow using a range of materials. There is a glossary of terms and stunning pictures throughout the day.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. This is a cute story about Fletcher who gets concerned when the leaves start changing.

We would love to see what you did during your autumn study unit.

Please share all the fun things you have made with us on Instagram or Facebook. If you want to find more exciting autumn activities follow our Autumn board on Pinterest board

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