7 Daily Activities For Kids

7 Daily Activities For Kids

Candice and I have been sharing daily kids activities for 2 weeks no over on our Instagram account. We have tried to make them fun activities that are easy for you to do at home with the kids.

I thought I would do a round up of the kids activities we did for the week.


We had such fun with this activity and it is something that requires very little prep. You can use whatever you have lying around the house.

We used stuffing from a pillow that had broken. And then scratched around for bits and pieces that we had lying around and voila these cutie pies joined the family

1. Full the bottom of the sock with stuffing. Use a loom band or hair tie to close it off.
2. Add more stuffing but less than the bottom for the head. Tie it off with a hair tie/loom band.
3. Decorate with buttons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and ribbon.
4. Cut down the middle of the top part for the ears.
Send the kids on a treasure hunt to find buttons and ribbon and wool to use to decorate.

Don’t forget to show us your bunniesĀ 


For storytime, we chose an oldie but goodie. My kids love Roald Dahl. We have a box set of books that we have read a million times. One of our favorites is Matilda! I think we know the words off by heart now but it never gets old.

We made some cake, brewed some team and had a good old fashioned tea party. The fun thing about Matilda is you can read the book and then watch the movie and talk about the differences and similarities.

#Waterplay Wednesday

Water play is such an easy way to keep kids busy. You can literally put water in from of kids and they will play for ages. To change it up a bit you can put some small toys inside ice trays and freeze them and let the kids throw them around to get the toys out.

This is one of Emma’s favorite things to do and while she was doing it the teens asked me to make them some of their own ice blocks. If you have space in your freezer, make a big block of ice with hidden things inside.


Maths and I have never really been friends.

So I have to make a real effort when I am teaching the kids to not transfer my feelings. It is not always easy but making it fun helps us all.

This dice addition game is so great to practice bonds and even multiplication. You simply throw the dice, write the number, throw again and then add them. Super simple and my kids have had fun doing this.

If you are trying to get a bit of school in with your kids give this a try

You can download the printable template for this game from this website.


My kids love ice tea. In fact, they love tea in general. We often have jugs of ice tea in the fridge. So we decided to share a recipe for our favorite ice tea. And to shake it up a little bit, we used our soda stream to add a little life to the ice tea.

Five Roses have the nicest selection of flavored teas, we used their berry one for this ide tea but you can use the peach flavor or just the plain rooibos tea and add some lemon. You can sweeten it with sugar or honey depending on how you like it.

If you have a soda stream machine. Make a very concentrated brew of tea and let it cool completely. Then make a bottle of water in the soda stream machine and add the tea slowly. The sugar in the tea will make the water fizz so add it very slowly.


Marshmallow slime is sticky and messy but it is oh so awesome. It is a great sensory play activity because your kids can get really their hands dirty.

  1. Add a couple of marshmallows to a bowl.
  2. Microwave it for 10 seconds. Stir it and add for another 10 seconds if you need to.
  3. Once all the marshmallows are melted, stir in some icing sugar until the slime is the consistency you want and then leave the kids to play with it.


We have always loved playing board games. But it has now become a firm tradition every Sunday. I have never really been a Monopoly fan but we have rediscovered it and are now really enjoying it.

Also, as a bonus, your kids will learn so much by playing Monopoly. Seriously they learn something in every single turn – adding, planning, currency, life skills and so much more.

The idea behind this list of kids activities is to make it easier for you to come up with something to do each day. You also don’t have to find a million things to do each day. One fun activity a day is enough! Don’t stress yourself out by trying to pack each day full of activities.

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