20 Valentine’s Day Crafts

20 Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day crafts are so much fun to do because they are all about love and happiness. The world is in need of a little bit of love, so we are having lots of fun creating all the Valentine’s Day crafts with hearts.

I have put together a fun list of activities you can do with your kids of all ages. We have done some of the painting projects on this list but there are lots more I am very keen to try out.

Valentine’s Day Sponge Art – let your little ones get messy with this fun sponge art Valentine’s Day painting idea.

Valentine’s Day Frame – I love this activity. It is a cute gift idea for your child’s friend or grandparents.

Hidden Valentines Day Messages – Who doesn’t love a hidden message of love, right?

Easy Valentine’s Day Cards for Toddlers – This is such a simple activity but so pretty and easy for little people to do.

DIY Valentine Using Water Science – When science meets art magic happens! Love how this STEM activity brings a little science to Valentine’s Day.

Heart Art Salt Painting – Salt painting is s simple to do but always comes out so pretty. Perfect for Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine’s Day Pointillism Art – This is a great post where you can incorporate an art lesson into the activity.

Bubble Paint Fun – Bubble painting is so much fun and the results are always so pretty.

3D I Love You Craft – If you are looking for something a little different, this fun 3D craft is a great idea.

Easy Valentine’s Day Art Using A Spinner – This is an almost mess-free painting activity for toddlers that always comes out so well.

DIY Heart Stencil – This art project came out so well and the heart stencils can be used for anything.

Shaving Cream Hearts with Candy Sprinkles – We have done a few painting projects with shaving cream. This was is super cute.

Egg carton shaped heart – You know I love upcycled crafts like this. And what a fun craft this is!

Bubble Wrap Heart – This is a great sensory activity for toddlers. Let them play around with the bubble wrap and paint and really experience it.

Valentine’s Day Heart Tree – Create this gorgeous tree, hang it up and feel the love.

Heart Spinning Project – This is another spinning art project but you can see just how different it is from the previous one.

Mixed Media Watercolor Valentine – I love this activity. It allows the kids the freedom to create whatever they want.

Easy Valentine’s Day Stencil Art – This fun activity uses stencils, paint, and sponges and the results are amazing.

Shaving Cream Process Art – If shaving cream isn’t in your craft box, it should be. This is just another reason why.

Valentine’s Day Wreath – We made this craft and it is easy and makes a great replacement for your Christmas wreath.

Have you tried any of these activities?

If you have we would love to see them. Share with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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